A Personal Message From Alexander

Imagination is good.
So is curiosity.

We instinctively knew this as kids. Creativity ran through us like a river. We made shit up as we went along. Games. Songs. Imaginary friends. We even made up our own rules. We colored purple people and yellow skies and orange grass. We wondered how things worked. Turned them over to look underneath. Broke them open to look inside. We could lie on the ground staring up at the sky for hours, watching the clouds turn themselves into mountains and horses and sailing ships.

But slowly, bit by infinitesimally small bit, we learned to pack our creative imagination and curiosity deeper and deeper inside ourselves. We tucked it away. Kept it safely out of sight. Why? I don’t know why. Maybe we just got tired of taking it up the keister for doing things differently. For not playing by the rules. For daring to question all the bullshit people told us was true, just because other people told them it was so.

Without even realizing, we began to judge ourselves by our mistakes and set backs, seeing them as failures and defeats rather than the learning experiences that they are. We become attached to outcomes and divorced from the simple joy of trying something new and different and maybe a little dangerous.

We became cautious.
We became ridged.
We became compliant.
We became “Normal”.

We finally fit in.

How utterly fucking tragic.

My goal is to change all that…

I believe that each of us has a unique role to play in this short life. Yours is to use your natural gifts and talents to create something amazing, discover something remarkable, solve an unsolvable puzzle, build something that’s never been built… to move past all your self-imposed limitations, excuses and all the bullshit that’s has been holding you back all your life… And finally realize your dreams.

My role is to help you do it.

My goal here is to open your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking— to push you to grow past the comfortable and familiar, so you can experience the amazing, to get you to stop playing the role everyone else thinks you should play, and instead live the life you were meant to live.

Along the way, I hope to have you questioning everything you’ve come to believe about everything. I hope to teach you how to ignore the naysayers and critics who fill your head with endless doubt. I hope to encourage you to believe in yourself, trust your instinct, hone your intuition and confidently pursue the very idea that makes you pee yourself just a little.

I promise to share every insider tip, trick, strategy and workaround I’ve discovered over the years–

I’ll even share the closely guarded secrets I’ve learned from studying the masters of the past and the insights I’m gaining from working closely with some of the most creative CounterThinkers of our day.

I’ll give you everything I’ve got. All I need from you is an open mind, a willingness to challenge conventional thinking and a sincere desire to succeed. Give me those few things and 10 minutes a week, and I’ll give you my word, that you will have whatever you’re brave enough to reach for.

One last note…

My thinking might make you a little uncomfortable. If I’m doing my job right, it should. I hope you will celebrate this discomfort and use it as a guidepost. Because as long as you feel uncomfortable, you’ll know your learning something new.

If you can embrace views and ideas that differ wildly from your own…

If you believe you were born to create.  To do something.  To make something.  To discover something. Something unique. Something special. Something worthy…

There’s a strong possibility you’re in the right place.

“Innovation has never been born of common thinking. Yet we live in a world where thinking differently can get you shunned, belittled, attacked, passed over for promotion, fired, fined, jailed and in some countries, cultures and political climates, it can even get you killed. As a result, the solutions to the most pressing problems of our time will likely die before they see the light of day.”

So says Alexander Berardi, who is on a one-man mission to change all that.

Millions of people around the world have taken their inspiration to achieve their dreams from the words of Alexander Berardi.

The unique thing about Berardi’s weekly CounterThink blog and Podcast is that each one is a call to action. People don’t just listen to Berardi; they take notes. They replay his messages over and over, and they use his advice to make real changes in their lives.

Berardi’s inspirational, leadership and business books have sold in the millions and are published around the world, in several languages.

In his weekly series of compact, CounterThink messages, this former medical researcher turned International Bestselling Author, serial entrepreneur and behind-the-curtain mentor to some of today’s most creative and innovative minds, delivers the counterintuitive ideas, eye-opening truths, closely-guarded strategies and inspiration you’ll need to reach whatever goal you choose.

Berardi’s CounterThink Podcast, with its unconventional strategies, thought-provoking messages and edgy, no-holds-barred, delivery style will keep you entertained while enriching your life, your work, your art and your business in ways you might never thought possible. It already has for the thousands who write weekly to say, it’s the most productive and inspirational 10 minuets of their week.

Take a few moments to look around—read his latest rants, listen to his latest CounterThink Podcast, then root around in our archives. If you find any value at all in his messages, you likely belong here. So you should subscribe to his podcast and blog. Then read and listen, laugh and learn.

And who knows… You just might discover the final piece of your puzzle.

But be advised. Berardi is very passionate about his work. He’s got strong opinions, is not politically correct, and at times—he’s been known to use some naughty language.  

Want to STAND OUT in a world where everybody’s trying to fit in?
It’s Easy. Listen and Learn How…

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